Friday, March 04, 2005

Shuffling paper around doesn't make us safer

Dubya said today that the job of the new Director of National Intelligence, once confirmed, will be "to take the information and make sure it is coordinated in its distribution to not only the White House, but to key players in my administration."

The question that citizens and Congress should be asking President Bush is, "And what exactly is your sorry ass going to do once something hits your desk?"

I'm going to keep pounding on this issue, because I'm convinced, as are many other Americans, that 9/11 happened, not because the intelligence wasn't there, and not even because the intelligence wasn't shared. I believe that President Bush was adequately warned that something was going to happen, he knew the time frame, methods, and select locations, and that ultimately, he is individually culpable for not taking action when action was needed.

Bush is not just a misguided leader, he's a total failure. If there is any justice in the world, the people will come to their senses and force him to wear the yoke of 9/11 around his neck.


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