Thursday, December 15, 2005

WTUL resurrection

12/16/05, 2:30 PM update: Technical glitches with a studio server has postponed the live broadcast past Friday. The pre-produced CCRMA shows will continue to be broadcast on the radio. I still haven't had any luck with the CCRMA webcast using Winamp -- the connection is established, but no sound.


The word on the street is that the 'Tul will be back tomorrow. The time for the start of the first post-Katrina broadcast has been pushed back until about noon, but barring any technical glitches, your radio scanner should now stop at 91.5.

The first floor of the building that housed the studio had four feet of water. It was a temporary building anyway, so Tulane decided it should be demolished. Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of the cafe owner, WTUL will temporarily call as its temporary home the mezzanine in the Rue de la Course at Oak and Carrollton. There's more about the move on the WTUL Web site.

For those who tune in to WTUL on the Web, Stanford University's CCRMA has donated server space and bandwidth to broadcast pre-programmed shows when DJ's can't be in the Rue studio. That CCRMA stream should also be piped over the airwaves to your radio. The WTUL/CCRMA stream will be an OGG file type (which Winamp can play), and may actually be streaming on the internet right now (although there have been some technical glitches):

I've obtained from an inside source these exclusive photos of Resurrection Studio Rue:

Robert Carroll, WTUL engineer, miracle worker, and all around nice guy.


At 12/15/2005 10:50:00 PM, Anonymous JM said...

We are now broadcasting the CCRMA stream. Live broadcasts from the temporary studio should start tomorrow.

At 12/16/2005 05:19:00 AM, Blogger Mr. Clio said...

Nice work getting the photos, Schroeder! Be careful that you don't end up in jail if you don't reveal your source.

Looking forward to TUL being back.

At 12/16/2005 04:01:00 PM, Blogger Schroeder said...

jm - you are a champion of all that is good and decent, a candidate for beatification if ever I knew one.

Hey mr. clio - I guess then I'll have to swallow the flash card.


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