Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More Katrina Christmas photos

There's so much that could be commented on today -- Blanco's reversal in support of levee board consolidation (welcome, if belated and very half-assed), the Bush administration's refusal to help Entergy's bankrupt Louisiana subsidiary (passing the cost of reconstruction on to ratepayers) despite the fact that it helped New York's utility after 9-11, the New Orleans film industry signaling that it won't return unless it receives credible assurances that the city will never flood again ... so much ... but I just don't feel like dealing with it today. All I have to say is ... well, I'd prefer to use different language, but I'm posting Christmas pictures here, so I'll just say I hope George W. Bush gets a big sack of coal upside the head for Christmas!


At 12/14/2005 07:05:00 AM, Blogger Michael said...

I'd be happy to purchase Shrub only the finest, hardest, anthracite coal, provided I could also slap him upside the head with a sack of it. And great post below re: the LA Times articles and graphics. Thanks.


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