Friday, October 07, 2005

Podcast: The Maple Leaf Reopens

Despite the devastation of much of the city, curfews, the lack of electricity and the terror of pitch black streets, a slice of New Orleans culture was resurrected last week Friday when The Maple Leaf Bar re-opened. Guitarist Walter Wolfman Washington drove all the way down from Ohio for the occasion.

I heard about the rumored re-opening from a local acquaintence who drove by while I was cleaning up outside the house. The reopening was a brilliant act of defiance, and a well-deserved celebration of New Orleans life.

There were lots of press people there. Some high-brow NPR nerd was wandering around with a mike as big as her head. She didn't even acknowledge me and my low-fi equipment.

Eventually, the police came around to shut down the bar. I drove back, in total darkness, to my in-law's house on the West Bank with my recording in hand.

Listen to the People Get Ready podcast documenting the occasion (MP3, 56 kbps, 4.5 MB, 11 minutes).

Note: I'm very disappointed that this so long to post. Notwithstanding the free hosting, has a long way to go. Be patient, it might take a couple of minutes to load -- or you might prefer downloading the file first.


At 10/08/2005 02:26:00 PM, Blogger dorindamoreno said...

enjoyed the podcast, have been talking to lester chambers about new orleans and doing a tribute to jazz musicians, but little did i know that googling for 'people get ready' made famous by the chambers brothers... that i would find this blog spot serendipity.we would love to be in contact to do initial work for setting up a concert. how about it?
dorinda, california, 805 934-3884


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