Monday, June 20, 2005

Vitter cypress mulch provision bagged by the press

Finally! Comprehensive (local print) press coverage of the Vitter provision to allow unregulated clearcuts of cypress forests appeared in the Lafayette weekly, The Independent.

I've had a number of posts on this issue (NPR links included in the second post):

Stop turning cypress forests into mulch

Ivory-billed woodpecker, cypress logging, Corps of Engineers, & Vitter provision

The story is also in New Orleans' Gambit Weekly, where you can see David Vitter's smug little puss, and read his ridiculous rant that some day the Corps of Engineers might want to regulate the trampoline in his back yard as a hazard to navigation. Oh, but he didn't want to return any inquiries for an interview. No, no, no. Then people might see what a total buffoon he is.

Which reminds me of the post I've been meaing to write some day about how Vitter is not the family man he claims to be (having availed himself of a call girl for an extended period of time), nor is his campaign chest completely filled with clean money (having done some dirty work for Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff).


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