Friday, July 01, 2005

Cut the pseudo cowboy crap

Pat Robertson, former US Representative from Montana, in a article on Bush's lame defense at Fort Bragg of his war in Iraq:

We are angered that Bush and his neo-con advisors have unnecessarily placed the lives of our sons and daughters in danger in the shooting gallery that is Iraq, angered that the President can't get help from our few remaining allies to secure the borders of Iraq and at least stem the rising tide of terrorists that are now flooding that country, furious that in response to a question from one of our soldiers about lack of life-protecting armor, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said dismissively, "Look, stuff happens."

Frankly, here in the West we reject Bush's silly, pseudo cowboy lingo about "chase 'em down," "smoke 'em out of their holes," and "get 'em dead or alive."

We resent his continual waving of the bloody shirt of September 11th.

Out our way, we know about war and we can shoot straight; what we prefer is a president who can do the same.


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