Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Yesterday, I noted the sad passing of 2000 American soldiers killed in Iraq. Need anyone be reminded (does anyone in the Bush White House have a heart beat?), an additional 15,220 American soldiers have been wounded in Iraq. Many of those wounds are among the most horrific ever seen in the battlefield, ironically, because of the medical technology and skill that makes it possible now to save soldiers who suffered what would otherwise have been fatal wounds.

On top of these casualties, just a little over a week ago, Bush administration spending in Iraq surpassed the $200 billion mark - none of it paid for out of current accounts. Instead, the Bush administration continues to borrow on our childrens' futures from the totalitarian regime of China while cutting taxes to the richest aristocracy the history of the world has ever known.

All of this has happened not for a war against terrorists, because neither terrorists nor weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq before the United States invaded.

Note that mistrust of the Bush administration should not be played as simply a liberal ruse. From the Washington Post map of the home towns of American soldiers killed in Iraq, it's clear that "blue state" urban soldiers are being sacrificed just as much as "red state" rural/suburban soldiers.

I think it should now be said, definitively, that the lies perpetrated by the Bush administration on the American people in front of a world stage, in order to justify the invasion of Iraq, have wreaked more destruction of American lives and families than did the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

Americans ought to declare a war against the treasonous lies, opportunism, incompetence, and profiteering of George W. Bush, his administration, and his corporate allies.

Let's hear again the call for IMPEACHMENT NOW! Americans can't afford the harm that may yet done to them by another three years of the Bush administration.


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