Monday, November 28, 2005

Anyone heard from Donald Powell?

You know, he's President Bush's czar for hurricane recovery.


I guess he's busy reading.


At 11/29/2005 07:57:00 AM, Blogger oyster said...

He's a Bush crony from Tejas who won't commit to Cat 4 or 5 levees-- what more can be said?

At 11/29/2005 11:10:00 AM, Blogger Polimom said...

Looks like he's surfaced. I'm just oh-so-shocked at what he says:
"Three months after Hurricane Katrina killed over 1,000 people in the New Orleans area, the White House's top adviser on Gulf Coast hurricane relief said he hasn't yet determined whether the federal government should pay to improve the city's levee system."
White House adviser won't commit to improving levees

At 11/29/2005 01:29:00 PM, Blogger Schroeder said...

I just heard the comment on WWL -- still not convinced? I really have to wonder if the SOB has been to New Orleans -- and I ain't talkin' about the island that most reporters cling to!

Thanks for the link polimom.

At 12/09/2005 08:17:00 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Actually I met him last night at a restaurant in New Orleans, he joined us for about 30 min. Since I'm not a supporter of this administration I really wasn't expecting to like him.

Honestly my impression was that he is an very compassionate, intelligent and well intentioned person (and thankfully not a religious zealot). Shocking isn't it - I was all ready to despise anyone so close to the prez. Google him and read some of his comments from speeches and commencement addresses to get an idea of where he's coming from.

There's a lot more to it obviously but he definitely isn't your typical crony pretending to care.


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