Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2,803 American soldiers killed in Iraq

There have now been 2,803 American soldiers killed in Iraq, 21,077 injured (not counting those suffering psychologically), and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed and injured.

Nearly $337 billion has been spent to date in Iraq. About a half trillion has been allocated for the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Veteran John Shuler wrote:

Most Bush backers are cowardly chickenhawks who love to talk about kicking our enemies' butts as long as someone else is doing the kicking. Have a Republican senator seriously bring up the subject of the draft, and Bush's base of flag-waving patriots will evaporate.

The young Republicans' motto is, "You go join the Army; I'm too busy studying to be the next Jack Abramoff."

If you doubt that many young conservative Republicans will serve in the military now, offer them a ride to the nearest Army recruiting station.

I have no doubts about my patriotic credentials. I don't have to wave a flag, and I don't have to put a magnet on my truck.

The beginning of the end of the insanity of the Bush imperial presidency happens on November 7th. Vote Democratic!

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