Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Parental consent for abortion is inhumane

Larry Fortune, 44, was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole Monday:

Fortune admitted to having sex with his underage teen stepdaughter 70 times. ...

His victim had given birth to a child and the DNA evidence showed him to be the father.

Louisiana minors can't get an abortion in Louisiana without parental consent, even in cases of rape or incest. Their only recourse is to present their case before a judge. How likely is that?

A minor who is old enough to be raped by her stepfather ought to be respected enough to make her own choices about what her reproductive options are. Equally important, young sexual abuse victims need lots of counseling to make sure that they develop healthy attitudes about sexuality and parenting.

Criminalize bad parenting

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At 10/12/2006 10:41:00 AM, Blogger G Bitch said...

What's the benefit of compelling minors to carry to term and give birth? It's more than the abused minors who need "lots of counseling to make sure that they develop healthy attitudes about sexuality and parenting"--our "leaders" need it even more so. The warrants behind this kind of law are almost always anti-woman and punitive. The ideas that women are heartless, blood-thirsty creatures who hate babies and that what is important is birthing the child (not raising it or feeding it or clothing it for 18+ years) are what these laws are based on. If the concern were children or "life," those compelled to give birth, or not, would get the full support of the state to raise healthy, happy children into adults. The powers-that-be couldn't give a flying fuck about that, though.

A guy I (inexplicably) dated long, long, long ago straddled the anti-abortion line because he thought (unverified) that his mother wanted to abort him at one point. I was always like, Huh? And other young (and not-so-young) men I have discussed this with express the same fear-idea--that they want to stop abortion b/c they themselves "wouldn't want to be aborted." The faith-based reality of embryonic desire.

I feel so sorry for this child. No one defended her, no one heard her. To be honest, a decade of counseling might only salve the oozing wound of trauma.And then there is the child of the child who one day will have to be told it is an incest/sexual abuse baby.

At 10/14/2006 07:01:00 AM, Blogger nissa annakindt said...

What about damage to the girl from abortion? Abortion is not good for a woman's health--- there can be damage to the uterus,and the risk for later breast cancer is increased. Some 90% of women who abort regret their abortion--- many say they were suicidal. And if the girl doesn't want to raise the baby there are long waiting lists of people who want to adopt.

Forget about the babies--- WOMEN deserve better than abortion.


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