Sunday, April 17, 2005

I see dumb people

Over at Adbusters, there's an article which asks the question, is the United States a Stupid Nation?

Americans, as we all know, are hilariously stupid.

...the key problem is not a lack of intelligence, but rather a lack of reliable, accessible information.

...for every well-researched, carefully considered piece of reporting, there’s reams of laziness, sensationalism, manipulation, and jingoism

...a political culture that encourages mistrust toward intelligence plays right into the hands of opinion-makers.

A friend pointed out a T-shirt she saw with a play on the line made famous in The Sixth Sense: I see dumb people (this is not my endorsement of any business selling these things).

Finally, the only way we're going to start getting better information out there is to force honesty on media by making it difficult for them to lie to the American people.

Please sign the petition to restore the Fairness Doctrine, then let the FCC and your representatives know you care about what you see and hear on all broadcast media. Yes, I mean cable and satellite too. Both merit regulation because the former operates in a monopoly in most markets, and the latter operates within conditions of scarcity, and therefore, privilege.


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