Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Frist's boneless lemon cat

Nick over at Scramble Your Own Eggs said the cat was out of the bag about prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) said last week that the detainees prisoners were getting gourmet meals (reported in the NY Times):

The guy who wanted to drive that plane into the building at the World Trade Center is going to dine tomorrow on lemon fish with two types of vegetables, two types of fruit, and then he will be afforded his taxpayer-funded Koran, taxpayer-funded prayer beads and oil so he can pray, presumably to kill more Americans.

Well then, maybe we otta give 'em some more torture then. Show 'em what freedom is all about. They had to do something wrong. After we torture 'em up some more, they'll confess.

Oops, that wasn't lemon fish. It was boneless cat, courtesy of Bill Frist.


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