Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I thought they banned medical marijuana

Evidence that there might be some bad air circulating around the Supreme Court justices' chambers (or in the justices' pipes), impairing their powers of reason:

Justice Scalia rejected the commission's argument that cable Internet service combines Internet access, which is communication, with additional services, like e-mail.

"The pet store may have a policy of selling puppies only with leashes, but any customer will say that it does offer puppies because a leashed puppy is still a puppy, even though it is not offered on a stand-alone basis," he said.

Justice Thomas, in his decision, responded: "One can own a dog without buying a leash."

And my opinion? Cable companies operate as monopolies in most markets. They should be forced to carry other providers if it benefits consumers - as it would. If not, then local governments need to find new ways to stimulate competition.

Off the top of my head, how about a rental charge for the use of easements and utility poles by cable companies, then applying the tax toward a public wireless infrastructure?


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