Thursday, June 23, 2005

PBS: "Not good enough. Give it ALL back!"

Clifford the Big Red Dog, with Representative Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts and others, headed to a Capitol Hill news conference to protest proposed financing cuts for public broadcasting:

Within minutes of the House vote to restore funding to public broadcasting, the PBS web site appeal was replaced with a letter from PBS CEO Pat Mitchell, in which she stated that restoring the $100 million to CPB was good, but does not constitute full funding:

Despite this victory, we remain very concerned that essential federal funds were nonetheless eliminated for our Ready To Learn service which helps low-income parents and caregivers, for the interconnection system that links PBS with local stations and for the transition to digital broadcasting mandated by Congress.

More about the funding cuts:
House Republicans Give Big Bird "la Louisette"

A disappointing setback was the CPB appointment of Patricia Harrison, a former Republican Party co-chairman, as the CPB president and CEO.

Still, the heat is on to get Tomlinson fired. Sixteen Democratic senators called on President Bush to remove Kenneth Y. Tomlinson from the CPB.


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