Saturday, July 09, 2005

New Orleans dodges another one

Well, it does indeed look like the New Orleans bowl of a city has dodged another bullet, but by just a hair.

Meanwhile, areas that can least afford to get hit with disaster are getting slammed.

In Haiti, for example, where treeless hillsides can wash away entire villages. Here a bridge is swept away.

In Cuba, where every hurricane that enters the Gulf of Mexico scours the island.

The Gulf Coast of the United States is bracing for another hit, never having recovered from Hurricane Ivan last year. Having traveled to Pensacola a couple of months ago, it seemed to me that every other home had blue plastic covering damaged roofs.

I wondered then how Pensacola voted in the November election since, at the time, reports were coming out of how millions were spent by FEMA without asking for documentation of actual loss. Convenient it would be indeed for the Bush administration to favor Republican districts in doling out FEMA aid.


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