Friday, July 15, 2005

Plame isn't the only operative outed by White House for political advantage

From AmericaBlog, the PGR quote of the day:

Today in DC I had a guy wearing a Bush/Cheney shirt w/ his family (incl a toddler in a stars and stripes outfit) look at me (wearing a faux news shirt carrying a large moveon Fire Karl sign) for a minute waiting for a walk signal. He asked me "Who's Karl?"

Also from AmericaBlog (with credit to Realitique), it seems that Valerie Plame isn't the only intelligence operative outed by the Bush administration for political advantage.

Members of the cell believed to be responsible for the London bombings may have been tipped off by the Bush administration when it opportunistically announced a terrorist threat during the 2004 Democratic National Convention. The source of that threat was a Pakistani terrorist who was later converted into an al-Qaeda mole inside the British bombers' cell. British intelligence had to pre-maturely swoop down on the cell, scattering its members into hiding.


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