Friday, August 26, 2005

Barrettes don't kill teachers, stupidity does

The Times-Picayune:

New Orleans school employees collected nearly $21 million in stipends and overtime last year in a paycheck free-for-all that allowed some to nearly double their salaries with no scrutiny, according to a blistering new report by the state's legislative auditor.

Among the abuses:
The system's math curriculum chief, Mary Thompson...received $38,677 in extra payments, which she approved herself.

Two teachers at separate elementary schools have stayed out of work since the late 1980s after alleged attacks by fourth-graders. In one case, the teacher went back to work but left again after four months, saying she had fallen after stepping on a plastic barrette.

How irresponsible of the school system to allow girls to wear monster barrettes!

Well, that does it. After failing to pass legislation to force kids to wear their pants above their hips, it's high time those legislators got their act together and passed a bill against killer barrettes.

This sounds like a job for State Representative Steve Scalise (R-Jefferson). Hopefully, once those hair plugs start filling in a little more (well, a lot more), he'll find more time for important legislation like statutory dress codes.


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