Monday, November 14, 2005

Investigate the Sewerage and Water Board for floodwall failure

While people may find much to criticize about the Corps of Engineers, and I number myself among the those who have expressed wanton outrage at one or another of the Corps' faults, if we seek the truth about why New Orleans flooded, we should not be so quick to smear the Corps' design and constuction oversight of New Orleans levees and floodwalls.

Last Thursday's Times-Picayune featured a story inferring that the Corps was lying about the depth of sheet piling below the 17th Street floodwall.

It seems the real story was left hanging on almost the last paragraph - that the Sewerage and Water Board, not the Corps, changed the sheet piling in 1988. In light of this fact, the Sewerage and Water Board's potential culpability in the 17th Street floodwall failure should be scrutinized.


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