Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Orleans memorabilia

I've been looking for an inexpensive City of New Orleans flag to hang in front of my house. Unfortunately (for my budget anyway) you can't seem to get them for less than about $65. I'd love to see these flying all over the city. Maybe someone ought to sell them to raise money for New Orleans - say, to help rebuild houses. I'd buy a flag if I knew it wasn't just for profit.

I have one of these "I Care" bumper stickers on the back of my pickup - next to my John Kerry bumper sticker. Yeah, I know, the election is over - that was last year. But you know what? I think that, these days, people might look at that Kerry sticker and feel voter's remorse. And besides, I'm not taking my Kerry bumper sticker off until all those other freaks get rid of their "W" stickers. For those who don't recognize the lettering, a lot of older streets in New Orleans are labeled at the curb in these blue and white tiles.

For New Orleans memorabilia (if their inventory didn't flood), you can go to the City of New Orleans store.

(Hat tip World Class New Orleans)


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