Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ridin' on the City of New Orleans

Riding on the train they call the City of New Orleans on his way to a benefit show at Tipitinas, Arlo Guthrie described his feelings after his home in Florida was destroyed in 2004, and after sharing his own grief with others in his community:

The hopes and dreams of people that get caught up in these disasters don't always get fixed.

And for those wondering how they can help, Guthrie offers this wisdom:
Love now. Live now. Serve now. Do it now. The understanding will come at some point.

And, by the way, I've ridden on the City of New Orleans a couple of times. I recommend it. You get to meet a lot of good people who don't drive, fly, or take buses. It's a very special slice of America.


At 12/18/2005 06:39:00 AM, Anonymous sswifftboat said...

You're right, the the admonition to "Love now. Live now. Serve now. Do it now. The understanding will come at some point." are extremely apt and truly essential to our situation and in fact in all our endeavors in this life.
Am I ready to follow said advice? Can you say that you are ready? My understanding of our make up tells me that to live in the momemnt, to be ready to give up resentments as soon as they arise, to be willing to give up all our defects of character as soon as they are apparent, is near impossible. If one can do these things one is likely a saint. How many saints can you say you've encountered. I have been to church since K in N.O. and find that the congregation to me seemed like such hypocrites. Professing to be caring but really just real self centered. I too fall short. With effort I might become somewhat better in this lifetime.

At 12/18/2005 07:48:00 AM, Blogger Schroeder said...

Would you prefer, "Hate now. Kill now. Take now"?

You're right -- people aren't perfect. That's why we require inspiration, and why we must learn to forgive.


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