Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Are you paying attention Ray Ray?


Right now, the people of the city are being held hostage to whims and foot-dragging, their lives on hold as they wait for their leaders to make decisions — decisions that should have been made months ago.

If there is one individual who needs to step up more than any other, it is Mayor Nagin. His city needs a leader more than a politician in this difficult time. Now that Mr. Nagin has been re-elected, it is time to start spending the political capital his victory earned him. His legacy will not rest on how many people like him, but on the effectiveness of the reconstruction and the safety and well-being of residents in the years to come.

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At 6/21/2006 03:38:00 PM, Anonymous Sophmom said...

There was a page one article in this morning's NYT about depression and suicide in the city since Katrina, which stressed the combination of a loss of mental health care amidst pervasive and persistent PSTD, in all of its various manifestations, pointing out that without the proper professional care, the end care often fell to law enforcement. It was a really interesting piece. I'm not sure if your quote came from it or not, but if you haven't seen it, you should.

At 6/21/2006 03:54:00 PM, Anonymous Adrastos said...

He'd have to be awake to pay attention, Schroeder. I haven't a clue as to why he wanted to be re-elected. It happened, he gloated and now he's drifting again. But it's what he did in the first term too.

At 6/21/2006 07:15:00 PM, Blogger bayoustjohndavid said...

First the article that Adrastos pointed out Mon., now the editorial. Maybe the local press will finally realize that they can play cheerleader all they want, they're not the only reporters in town. Of course the main blame belongs to Nagin, but if the local media had done more to keep Nagin honest (or on the ball), there might be less for the national press to notice.

At 6/21/2006 08:27:00 PM, Blogger Schroeder said...

David, your recent posts on press coverage of Nagin are exceptional.

Good point adrastos. Why he wanted to be re-elected? It did seem an afterthought didn't it -- almost as though someone dared him to try.

Sophmom, I don't think the rest of the country has any idea that the grieving is en masse, and has been going on for months.


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