Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Did anyone else find a little opportunistic the timing of Chuck F.Y.F.F. Foti's announcement of a grand jury investigation into the Gretna Police standoff on the CCC bridge -- almost a full year after the incident?

What -- did it just occur to him that an investigation was merited? In the wake of the controversy he created by arresting Dr. Anna Pou and two nurses for "murder" without charging them, F.Y.F.F. Foti wouldn't be trying to save himself before his re-election bid would he? No ... isn't his first priority supposed to be defending the law, not his political fortunes?

Oh ... I'm sure it's just a coincidence that his re-election bid and the bridge investigation are occurring at the same time, but I'd bet that Willie Fontenot might wish that Foti had an election coming up when F.Y.F.F. Foti fired him for the crime of taking tours of environmental justice students on public roads through cancer alley.


TP -- Doctor's drug mix not ideal killer

TP -- Foti skips the media circus this time

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