Thursday, August 31, 2006

Help clear Ms. Regina's yard

I was going to send a message to all the local contacts I have to help clear Ms. Regina's yard, but I haven't had time to assemble a mailing list. For now, just to keep this in play and get it done, I'll post here what I'm thinking:

  • I'd personally like to do it on Saturday, but I'm not available until about 11:00 Saturday morning -- which is not to say that I have to be there when the work starts.

  • Karen suggested Sunday, and I would be fine with that, but that's my birthday and I might make other plans for Sunday afternoon -- which leaves Sunday morning when, of course, many people will be in church.

  • It might be better for everyone to agree on a time they want to do it, and I'll stay out of the those discussions, since I don't want to be the one to get in other people's way.

  • Sheik said this would be a heck of a lot easier than removing the insides of the house. He's willing to help with the lot clearing.

  • I talked to one of Ms. Regina's neighbors, Wendell Bloodworth. Check this out people: Wendell is singlehandedly responsible for keeping all of the public greens in the neighborhood cut, and he also keeps the lawns cut for a number of neighbors -- voluntarily! He offered to do Ms. Regina's lot as well, but I think most everyone would agree that it isn't fair to unload that responsibility onto someone else -- at least not the initial clearing.

  • Tools -- people would have to bring tools: machetes, chain saws, strong weedwackers.
What do people think?

Respond to the above, and I'll assemble a list from those responses (and previous offers of assistance). Then I'll take the discussion offline to an email list.


At 8/31/2006 09:09:00 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

Early moring Sat or Sunday is fine. It is starting to cool off, a bit. But if we get there at 8 or 9 and have enough people we should make a decent dent in 2 or 3 hours.

At 8/31/2006 11:05:00 AM, Blogger G Bitch said...

I can do either, and the earlier the better. I have no tools but I can help.

At 8/31/2006 11:35:00 AM, Blogger Ray in New Orleans said...

I feel like a right shit backing out now after offering to help, but I signed up with the AWK to do a house in N.O. East on Saturday.

If that falls through, I'll see you at Ms. Regina's house.

Word of advice...bring some wasp spray. When we took the boards off the windows, just about every window had a wasp nest, and in parts of the yard like the side alley it's hard to walk by without getting up close and personal with a nest of the beasties.

At 8/31/2006 04:04:00 PM, Anonymous Alan Gutierrez said...

I was going to hang out with Ray and the AWK that day. Otherwise, I'd like to help do yard work.

At 8/31/2006 08:11:00 PM, Blogger Schroeder said...

I'm thinking of postponing this event for the following Saturday. Given something I heard today, I may want join Ray and the AWK on Saturday in New Orleans East. I talked to Ms. Regina tonight. I wish I could somehow share her gratitude that anyone at all is trying to help her family.

At 8/31/2006 08:52:00 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

ok here is a plan,sort of, kind of..Saturday in the East and then NEXT Saturday in Hollygrove..

At 8/31/2006 09:06:00 PM, Blogger Ray in New Orleans said...

If y'all want to go wrecking this Saturday, email me or Sheik is trying to get a headcount.

At 9/01/2006 11:29:00 AM, Blogger Schroeder said...

I'm pushing this off until Saturday, September 9th. Again, I'm never available Saturday mornings until about 11 a.m., but I hope the weather permits.

Instead, I encourage anyone who's interested in helping to show support for the Arabi Wrecking Krewe gutting project on Saturday in New Orleans East.

I don't want to compete with that event, since it appears more bloggers could have arrived to help with Ms. Regina's mother's house.

Just as soon as I get a moment today, I'll send out an email.

I'm going to parse the email addresses from ThinkNOLA and create an e-list.


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