Monday, October 16, 2006

Good riddance

Charles Elloie is the weakest link in Criminal Court.

TP editorial:

Brian Expose. A convicted felon, Mr. Expose was booked in March with drug and gun charges after police caught him with six ounces of cocaine, two assault rifles -- one with a bayonet and one with a 60-round clip -- a Tec-9 with a silencer, four pistols and $189,000 in cash. Yet within hours of his arrest and before Mr. Expose faced a magistrate for a bail hearing, Judge Elloie released him on a free bond. By his own admission, the judge made his decision without knowing the facts of the case.

"That's a shocking amount of money. . . . And if I knew an AK-47 was involved, I wouldn't have touched it," Judge Elloie said of Mr. Expose's case when a reporter informed him of the details. The judge, of course, would have known those details had he bothered to contact the police or read the arrest report before acting.


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