Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sean Payton for mayor



At 11/02/2006 04:42:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

t's been an exciting fall. Democrats have gained steadily in the polls and from all appearances are poised to win back a majority in at least one chamber of Congress this week. The headlines tell us that Americans are disillusioned with a war they see as increasingly futile and costly, ever-rising fuel costs combined with a softening economy, the list goes on and on. Most Americans believe they are worse off today than they were two years ago. And Republicans can't seem to shake those pesky scandals.

But we cannot, we must not, stop now.

We have one job left in the next five days: to make sure we get more voters to the polls than the Republicans. This is no simple task. I'm sure I don't need to remind you that we're up against a fearsome ground operation that has been honed by the GOP for many cycles -- and Karl Rove recently affirmed that more resources were being devoted to GOTV than to negative TV ads.

But that's not all. Last week, I told you that in the coming days, Republicans would pull out all of the stops to keep Democrats home. Well, make no mistake: the gloves are off in competitive districts across the country. The right has resorted to shameful tactics, like the letter Republican Congressional candidate Tan Nguyen's office sent to 14,000 newly registered Hispanic voters warning them that it was illegal for immigrants to vote.

We have made it to the eleventh hour. The election will be won or lost on how hard we are able to fight in these last days. Please give DFA the resources to finish the job:

I know you've already invested a lot in this election. But think for a moment about what we will gain if Democrats are able to take back one or both houses of Congress: a strategic but swift end to the war in Iraq; a real commitment to providing economic security and health care to all Americans; and an end to the stranglehold the religious right has held on politics and the campaign of hate it has waged against women and gay and lesbian Americans.

Tuesday could be a great day for this country. But it won't come easy. Republicans are making sure that the media is saturated with a steady drumbeat of fear. In a recent interview on National Public Radio, Vice President Dick Cheney suggested that voting for Democrats would amount to "giving in to terrorists" who are timing attacks in Iraq to "break the will of the American people."

We need your help to combat these deceptive tactics. With your support in these last days, we'll be able to put up radio spots in targeted districts. We'll continue to mount an aggressive GOTV campaign, and we'll be able to give DFA-List candidates much-needed funds to put them over the top. Please do what you can today:

We're just a few doors, a few calls, a few votes away from a new America. But we can't get there without you.

Can we count on you now, in the eleventh hour?


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