Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bush: Chimp or...Santa Claus?

From "a reliable source" inside Tulane's Center for Latin American Studies, I bring to fore this interesting anecdote of the diplomatic prowess of George Dubya Bush.

In a Washington meeting a couple of months ago, the former president of Bolivia had a little face time with monkey boy. I should mention that President Mesa was forced to resign in March, but not before an appeal for help to our sage leader.

How did it go?

The story recounts Mesa approaching Bush, and saying that if he couldn't get $150 million in assistance, his government would be forced to dissolve.

Officially, the White House stated that President Bush said the request would be difficult for the United States to satisfy.

Unofficially, someone in the room who overheard the conversation said monkey boy burst out, "What do I look like, Santa Claus?!"

Well, actually, yes. Billions in tax breaks for billionaires paid for on the backs of the working class and future generations. Yeah, that sounds like either Santa Claus, or...er...maybe a Latin American banana republic dictator.

I imagine monkey boy issued that snort of a laugh, giving the familiar blank stare and nervous half smile--the sort of reaction one expects from a guy who's afraid someone from a less-developed country will want to talk about something he knows nothing about without his tutor Condescending Rice nearby.

Without getting into the merits of whether assistance should have been provided or not, what a total dunderhead we have for a president!

Maybe monkey boy was hoping for some of the coca leaf as a gesture of good will...oh yeah, pardon me--that was before he was president. We're not supposed to talk about that kind of thing now that we have a "wahr president" fightin' a "wahr against terrah" in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, North Korea, Sudan...uh, well, Iraq...or was it a war against the AARP. I get confused, 'cuz I don't hear the prez'dent talkin' much about huntin' down the terrorists since the election.

I guess that was just a lot 'a talk on the campaign trail.


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