Thursday, May 12, 2005

Would somebody please give monkey boy a Blackberry

When a lost pilot navigated a plane to within 3 miles of Capitol Hill and the White House yesterday, Scott McClellan reported that President Bush was never in danger:

The Secret Service did not need to inform President Bush that the White House was being evacuated until after he finished a bike ride because he was not in danger, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said on Thursday.

Hey! It's not about Bush, okay. He has a job to do - to defend the country, to defend Americans, to defend the Constitution. Not to go for joy rides in the middle of the day. This is the year TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE. We have Blackberries now. The President of the United States could be reached, if he needed to be, in a split second.

Does this remind anyone of the decisiveness exhibited by the leader of the free world on September 11th? Seven minutes reading My Pet Goat while other planes might have been crashing into buildings, killing more Americans. Dick Cheney desperately trying to reach the President, in vain, to alert him of the decisions that had to be made to shoot down planes if necessary. Bush cowering in airplane hangars.

How absolutely pathetic! He's the damn President for crying out loud - not a grocery bagger! He got elected to be a leader. To do a job. The most serious job on the planet. He wanted the freakin' job! I'll bet any grocery bagger could be more easily reached than Bush these days.

Maybe it's just too much "hard work."

Or, maybe his advisors know better than to try to rely on monkey boy to make decisions.


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