Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bush weak-kneed on Cuban terrorist

The Times-Picayune editorialized that:

the debate over what to do with Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban exile who slipped into the United States six weeks ago and is now seeking political asylum, shouldn't be much of a debate at all. The Bush administration should not grant his request.

Mr. Posada's supporters say he has worked for the CIA and the U.S. military in the past and therefore deserves to be protected in the United States. But he has acknowledged a role in deadly attacks on tourist areas in Cuba in 1997. He has also been credibly accused of a role in the bombing of a Cuban airliner -- and thereby in the deaths of 73 people -- off the coast of Venezuela in 1976.
In light of the evidence of terrorism, and his own admission, Carriles should not only have his asylum request rejected - he should be prosecuted!

If we are to believe President Bush when he proclaimed he would not tolerate terrorists or those who harbor them, this shouldn't even be open for discussion.

Hmmm...after further consideration, given the Bush record, prosecuting Carriles could be the nicest thing Bush does for him.


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