Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm a source, not a target

Read the button. Yeah, it's real. That's no Photoshop touch up job.

I owe Digby twice today for getting my attention.

The AP/Lauren Shay photo was printed in The Times of Frankfort, Indiana. The caption read:

In this photograph taken in June 2003, Karl Rove, senior advisor to President Bush and Robert Novak are pictured together at a party marking the 40th anniversary of Novak's newspaper column at the Army Navy Club in Washington DC. At the event a number of people wore buttons reading, 'I'm a source, not a target.' Rove is at the center of a controversy about the leaking of a CIA operative's identity which originally appeared in Novak's newspaper column.

According to Hoosiermama, the button refers to a quip Novak made at a 2001 National Press Club roast honoring Novak's 38 years as a journalist:
Bob finished up by having some fun at the expense of the many sources for his column who were in the audience. He noted that he had learned one important thing in his 43 years in Washington: "There are two kinds of people in this town, sources . . . and targets, and you better make up your mind which you are."

What goes around comes around.


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