Monday, July 18, 2005

Podesta nails it

Former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta on Meet the Press yesterday nailed it (with emphasis added):

Mr. Rove has created a tremendous credibility problem for this White House, for this president, for this country on a matter of utmost national security, whether we can trust him to tell the truth about serious issues involving this war that has now claimed 1,763 Americans. And I think that the one thing that is unassailable at the end of this week is that Mr. Rove did not tell the truth in 2003, and I think given that, he's hurting the president by staying there and I think he has a duty to the president--and, quite frankly, the president said he would fire leakers, not lawbreakers. And I--you know, I think if he's a man of his word, he'll take that seriously.

Unfortunately, 59 percent of Americans are now convinced that Bush is not honest - that he is not a man of his word - according to that latest NBC/WSJ poll. Too bad they couldn't figure that out last November!


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