Sunday, July 24, 2005

The United States of multi-national corporations

Right on the heels of remarks I made about how the U.S. economy may soon start to look like the old Soviet Union, I found an article by Molly Ivins echoing the same assertion (originally from Working for Change, reprinted in Common Dreams):

I recommend Bill Greider's op-ed article in the July 18 New York Times, "America's Truth Deficit." He begins with the startling thesis that we face structural economic problems as serious as those that destroyed the late Soviet Union and that, like the USSR before its breakup, our leaders cannot talk about these problems honestly. "[Our] weakening position in the global trading system is obvious and ominous, yet leaders in politics, business, finance and the news media are not willing to discuss candidly what is happening and why. Instead they recycle the usual bromides about the benefits of free trade and assurances that everything will work out for the best. ...

"Washington defines 'national interest' primarily in terms of advancing the global reach of our multinational enterprises." Problem is, our multinational corporations increasingly work against the interests of Americans themselves.


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