Friday, July 22, 2005

NYT, WaPo, WSJ - all MIA

The Center for Constitutional Rights, (hat tip to Daily KOS), is criticizing the Bush administration for disobeying a federal judge's order to release the remaining Abu Ghraib photos.

The most offensive acts revealed in the collection of materials, according to Seymour Hersh who had access to them, are kids being saddamized at Abu Ghraib (caution - url contains the mark of Satan):

"The worst is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking" ...Hersh says there was "a massive amount of criminal wrongdoing that was covered up at the highest command out there, and higher."

What the hell? How can this be justified? How can someone higher up in the chain of command of the Bush administration not be called to answer for these crimes?

Get off of your freakin' couches America!!! It's hammer time for George W. Bush!!!

The CCR's complaint (emphasis added):
In June, the government requested and received an extension from the judge stating that they needed time in order to redact the faces of the men, women and children believed to be shown in the photographs and videos. They were given until today to produce the images, but at the eleventh hour filed a motion to oppose the release of the photos and videos, based on an entirely new argument: they are now requesting a 7(F) exemption from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act to withhold law enforcement-related information in order to protect the physical safety of individuals. Today’s move is the latest in a series of attempts by the government to keep the images from being made public and to cover up the torture of detainees in U.S. custody around the world.

Yeah, the mainstream press is MIA on this story, although, the Washington Post printed an Abu Ghraib story on July 14th, later offering the following correction:
A July 14 article said that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld approved the use of certain interrogation tactics against a detainee who the government believed was to be the "20th hijacker" in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Rumsfeld approved the use of aggressive tactics against Mohamed Qahtani, but he did not specifically approve attaching a leash to Qahtani's chains or forcing him to wear women's underwear on his head, tactics that were authorized and used by interrogators on the prisoner in late 2002.

Whoops! I guess Rumsfeld is in the clear now.


At 7/23/2005 12:04:00 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Good god.

After that, I hate to bring up anything, but your right-hand column has disappeared.

At 7/23/2005 02:02:00 PM, Blogger Schroeder said...

Hmm? Are you saying that the right sidebar's disappeared? I'm still seeing it, and just loaded up the page on a new machine, so I know it's not cached.


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