Monday, November 14, 2005

2012 Category 5 letter

It's time for citizens to start making a lot more noise about the failure of the Bush administration and Congress to commit the essential federal dollars required to build a Category 5 storm protection system for south Louisiana.

As we do, let's be sure that the system is built before, not after, Louisiana is hit by the inevitable next storm. Many Louisianians will chose not to rebuild without the assurance that the risk of becoming victims again will diminish.

The importance of Louisiana as one of this nation's most important oil-producing states - among a number of other riches - ought to convince everyone that Category 5 protection is critical.

This doesn't even require taxpayer money. Texas gets 100 percent of revenues generated from oil leases. By contrast, every penny of Louisiana's billions in lease revenues goes to Washington. Let's commit those revenues to Louisiana's future security.

Louisiana requires a commitment - now - for a massive, accelerated Work Projects Administration type effort. I propose a ribbon cutting in 2012 - the bicentennial anniversary of Louisiana's statehood.


At 11/20/2005 10:57:00 AM, Blogger Wendy King said...

I agree that our state should get more than the 0% it gets from offshore oil revenues. This is the problem: the offshore areas are considered "federal" property, so any monies from those oil leases go to DC, not to Louisiana. You would have to convince the feds to make an exception for Louisiana, allowing us to divert those monies away from the federal government, and allowing our legislature to use that money to rebuild our region. The inshore v. offshore oil rigs issue has long pitted states like Texas, which has inshore oil rigs, against Louisiana, which has so many offshore oil rigs, and is not entitled to that revenue.


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