Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Bush reign of error may be near its end

"'This administration may be over,' Lance Tarrance, a chief architect of the Republicans' 1960s and '70s Southern strategy, told a gathering of journalists and political wonks last week."

Here in New Orleans, we're living at the bleeding edge of President Bush's ruthless contempt for working Americans, and his incompetence. The latest blow is Bush's effort to eliminate the Americorps volunteers who have gutted more than 1,200 homes in St. Bernard Parish.

"The surest sign that the nation is in the middle of an ideological transition is that Republicans don't want to sound like -- well, Republicans."

The Republicans had their chance to show that "the grownups" could do things better. Obviously, they can't. It's time for a change.


At 5/08/2006 04:16:00 AM, Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Der Rovesmarschall will not take this sitting down.

He's going to pull out all the rhetorical stops to try to keep the Goppers from their much-deserved dethronemtne (barring his own legal problems distracting him, of course.) He will not run his Chimperor anymore-what he'll do now is run his 2004 campaign consultant, Osama. And of course he'll have some new demonizing for gays, to satisfy Jesusistan.

It's too bad for Der Rovesmarschall that the hurricane season will coincide with the election cycle this year. It's even worse for the Americans unfortunate enough to live in places like where you are living. My thoughts, and hopes, are with you, for whatever that is worth.

At 5/08/2006 06:11:00 AM, Anonymous Lenny Zimmermann said...

Then again it seems to me we need more alternatives than Dem/Repub. Let's face it there is hardly a whit of difference between the two. Republicns just flat annot be trusted. After all they worked their way into power insisting they would reign in government as a primary position of their polticial party, a bald-faced it would seem as this administration is spending at a faster rate then even LBJ could have dreamed.

Dems, at least, admit they don't mind expanding government so at least they are more truthful on that point, but even their strongest positions, IMHO, on civil rights are not being well pursued. Part of that may be in response to trying to deal with a Republican majority (and Republicans obviously could care less about civil rights since they care far more about legislating morality.) Yet even so it seems to me that Dems should have been fighting back hard on that front since they have such a clear edge there.

We are somewhat lucky here in Louisiana, at least, in that getting on the ballot with a thrid-party candidate is not nearly as difficult as in other states where teh Ds and Rs have no problem quashing competition. Yet even so we still seem to be stuck in the "wasted vote" mentality that seems to prevent us from considering alternatives.

Right now in the state of Louisiana we have 5 qualified parties (Rep, Dem, Libertarian, Green and Reform... at least I think the last one to get addes was Reform.) Not to mention the addition of Independents. The question I think most folks really need to ask themselves is do they want to vote for a party and/or candidate that only shares 50 or 60% of their viewpoint, or should you really consider looking at a party and.or candidate that shares a much greater share of how you think our politicians should implement policy and legislation? IMHO, the Rs and Ds out there jsut aren't getting the job done at all. Vote out incumbents, vote out the big 2. Vote 3rd Party or Independent!

Although I will admit that when all is said and done the best way to really provide true choice in elections is to forget the current voting formats we use. We really need to move to a more choice-oriented election process, such as Instant Runoff Voting or any of the other Preference Voting formats. That way you could, effectively, vote for every candidate you felt could do the job in order of prefernce and KNOW that your vote is not getting "wasted". Of course getting our thoroughly entrenched legislators to agree to such a resonable system... well I guess that would be more competition then they are willing to handle.


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