Sunday, July 09, 2006

Put on your waders

The Advocate printed a list of the state budget slush-fund projects totalling over $31 million (hat tip: Lenny).

There are a lot of expenditures for various Council on Aging offices in different towns, for education initiatives, festivals, infrastructure improvements, fire and police.

Why not create a legitimate funding structure for these types of things so that the really bad stuff can't be buried.

Furthermore, $31 million is twice as much money as is "normally" found in the budget.

Here are a few items with hyperlinks when I could find them:


CARE Unlimited Inc., $300,000

NW La Wild Turkey Federation
for outdoor events for the disabled, $20,000

Vatican Mosaic Exhibit in New Orleans, $400,000
We pray earnestly that it will serve to inspire everyone who visits our historic convent to gaze with admiration upon each of the works and experience their spiritual greatness.

Wedell-Williams Memorial Aviation Museum in Patterson, $150,000

City of Kenner parks, $200,000

Natchitoches Christmas Festival, $100,000

Treme Community Education Program, $250,000 (pdf)
The Treme Community Education Program, a New Orleans community service organization funded by state and federal funds, overpaid at least $107,200 for leased vehicles from July, 1996 to February, 1999 to a company owned by another community service program director, rather than from an established vehicle dealer or leasing company. One of the leased vehicles was for the personal use of the organization's executive director.

Governor Blanco has line-item veto power over these expenditures, but she hasn't said anything yet (email, 866-366-1121 (phone), 225-342-7099 (fax)).

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