Monday, September 11, 2006

9-11-1906: Remember

"Violence will prevail over violence, only when someone can prove to me that darkness can be dispelled by darkness." - Mahatma Gandhi

9-11 is the 100-year anniversary of the founding of Gandhi's Satyagraha movement for truth, justice, and peaceful change.

So much different could have been the response of our government after 9-11-2001, and after 8-29-2005, if we had elected different people to lead our nation.

Arun Gandhi, interviewed on Democracy Now:

And people were wondering, how can we resist with the state so powerful, and we don't have any weapons, you know, because every time, even today, when somebody talks about resistance, everybody thinks in terms of weapons and war and fighting. And that's when grandfather explained to them that we don't need any weapons of mass destruction. We have the ability to respond to this nonviolently and with self-suffering. And that's what he encouraged the people to do. And they came out into the streets with love for the enemy. You know, grandfather didn't tolerate any hate for the enemy or any anger for the enemy. He said nonviolence has to be complete nonviolence. We have to have love and respect for the enemy, and that is the only way we can overcome them. And that's what he showed in his work.

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