Sunday, May 15, 2005

Willie Fontenot segment to air

WTUL New Orleans will feature a special People Get Ready segment this Sunday, May 15th, at 8 PM. The segment will tell the story of how Willie Fontenot was forced out of his job as the community liaison officer for the Louisiana Attorney General.

Willie Fontenot was forced to resign from his job of 27 years just three days after he and a group of students from Antioch Graduate School were detained by security officers in Cancer Alley.

Was it a conspiracy of corporate power and government, or the result of a misunderstanding of the law by overzealous security officers in the post 9/11 age?

Tune in for interviews with Willie Fontenot, faculty members from the Antioch Graduate School who chaperoned students, and the Attorney Generals' Public Information Director.

91.5 FM New Orleans
tune into the webcast.


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