Monday, July 25, 2005

Get'cher balls in the Army

Ho hum.

Could we just get on with it and IMPEACH BUSH!!! It just has to be done. In all the Supreme Court and Rovegate hoopla, the Downing Street Memos have fallen off the radar.

While I wait for events to finally overcome the Bush administration, I thought I'd take a look at Dear George Letters:

Dear George:

I have served my country in Iraq, and lost both legs doing so. What have you lost? Why did you lie to the world? There never were any WMD's! I will dedicate the rest of my life to telling the truth, and making sure nobody ever joins the military again. War is never the answer. Jesus has taught me to wage peace. This is what I shall do. Please don't shame true Christians by calling yourself one.

Satan will surely have his way with you, Mr. Bush. May god have mercy on your eternally damned soul.

Age 21

After Dwayne's post, David from Savannah, Georgia, said he loved serving in Iraq, and continues "serving proudly with balls in the US Army."

Well now that's odd isn't it? Why would someone feel like they needed to tell the President about their balls? That really is the problem, isn't it? The guys who come out of a war without a scratch just can't get enough of it, and add to the macho blood lust.

If Dwayne had his friggin' ass blown off by an IED, well then, we wouldn't really be hearing him talking about his balls now, would we? Of course not. Because guys who get killed never get to talk about how great it was.


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