Monday, July 18, 2005

Would you share a fox hole with George W. Bush?

That was the question Tim asked a friend in a conversation he recounted over at TPM Cafe. He continued by noting that Bush is the very definition of cowardice, best represented by his support for the Vietnam War, but his refusal to serve in that war. Now, troops serving in the Iraq War, and Americans who refuse to enlist, understand that Bush can't be trusted, that the Iraq War was not fought for WMD, and that Bush is just out to make his friends rich.

Tim then recalled a story well worth repeating, which I post here without correction:

A friend of mine has worked as a consultant throughout west africa. He has told me, that there is a common pattern throughout sub saharan Africa. A nation has a few decent years, the treasury becomes full, it becomes a tempting target and so a cabal stages a coup, lootes the treasury and spreads it around to henchmen, cohorts, supporters and fellow tribesmen - the country falls postrate, slowley recovers, eventrually a couple of good years of commidity prices in coco come along and fill the treasury and the whole thing happens all over again. That's all Bush represents - Clinton filled the treasurey, it became an attractive target, a coup was staged, and the treasurey looted. The war in Iraq is part of distracting us from the looting going on in the treasury and also provides spoils of war or a further looting to Bush's cohorts. That people, Americans die is of no consequence - this is a looting. Oh the banality of it all.


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