Friday, July 28, 2006

Eddie Jordan's popularity contest

Wednesday morning:

"La, la, la ... ho hum ... well ... here I am back at work in the D.A.'s office."

"Oh ... I'm so bored with my boss having just 6000 cases to prosecute. I wonder if there are any special projects I might dream up today to please my boss Mr. Jordan ..."

"Oh, I know! I'm going to open up the phone book and just start calling people to see if prosecuting Dr. Anna Pou and nurses Lori Budo and Cheri Landry is a popular idea!"

The secretary at the Orleans District attorney's office has been asking people, "Are you for the trial or against the trial?"

When WWL First News asked her why she was tracking public opinon, she said the she "was just turning this in to Mr. Jordan." ...

"This was totally something that was done by the switchboard operator," said [D.A. spokeswoman Leatrice] Dupree. "And we're going to talk to her about that, because our office does not take polls. We don't do that."

You're such an ass Eddie! This ain't no friggin' popularity contest between you and that wipe who calls himself the Attorney General. Get a pair! And tell Chuck F.Y.F.F Foti it's time to learn how to play shuffle board.

By the way Eddie, you'll never win a popularity contest in this town as long as you owe the taxpayers $3.58 million:
Orleans Parish District Attorney Eddie Jordan's administration must pay $3.58 million in damages and fees for violating the civil rights of workers by using skin color as a factor in firing them, a federal judge has ruled. ...

The statistics alone helped persuade the federal jury to find Jordan liable for firing 43 white workers and replacing them with black employees.

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