Monday, September 11, 2006

Photos: Ms. Regina yard clearing

You know the "old" expression about finding new muscles? I'm afraid it applies to me, after spending the day clearing Ms. Regina's yard with Big Easy Roller Girls, Arabi Wrecking Krewe volunteer Jon Kardon, and New Orleans bloggers G Bitch, Alan, Karen and Ashley. But they're good muscles, and I hope to keep them in shape, because helping others is good for the heart muscle, and good for that smaller muscle I have inside my head.

The Big Easy Roller Girls get a big hug. They simply showed up and quietly went to work without asking for instruction, thanks, or recognition. They didn't ask, but I'll plug them anyway -- they're having their first roller derby bout this coming Saturday at Mardi Gras World. I'll definitely be there to support them.

I'm humbled by the dedication of everyone who showed up to work, sweat, and (sorry Karen and Smasher) fend off stinging wasps! So is Ms. Regina, who called me yesterday to express her profound appreciation for having her prayers answered.

I want to single out Jason Goodman for the hero-of-the-day award. Had Jason not shown up with his landscaping business power tools, I doubt we could have made much progress hacking our way through that jungle of Katrina overgrowth with our dull machetes. And then, after everyone else was ready to call it quits, Jason went off and finished 5 -- yes, 5 -- other jobs he had scheduled for the day. Jason -- I still owe you pizza and beer. Jason has been playing guitar around town for years, and more recently, can be found onstage with The Bruisers, and A Clockwork Elvis.





After -- Jason (a true professional) puts the creative touch on the job by cleaning up the ornamental bush next to the house:

More photos.


New Orleans, 1 A.K.

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At 9/12/2006 08:33:00 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

Blogger Down! Wasp bites hurt.

You all did a great job, I almost fainted when I saw the back yard. There was a lifetime of gardening back there.
You people did an amazing job.


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