Tuesday, July 26, 2005

¡Cuba sí! ¡Castro no!

Oyster's right on the money:

When Fidel finally dies, how can we expect to positively influence future events in Cuba if we are not engaged-- commercially, diplomatically, ideologically, culturally...? This stupid embargo punishes everyone (including the U.S. and LA) except Castro. I'm convinced the embargo practically sustains this hale bastard. Our policies over the past 4 decades have given him the ultimate boogeyman; the ultimate scapegoat.

I don't think it's even a popular view anymore that the embargo is working, or should be continued.

There's actually a second danger that arises out of the Bush administration's policy of tightening restrictions on trade and travel - the danger that Cubans' right to self-determination will be sold out from under them. Without a tradition of democracy and economic empowerment, Cubans will be extremely susceptible to willfully selling over their unique ingenuity, creativity, and self-sufficiency big investors. Cuba will become a Cancun for the rich and powerful. And yes - while it might not be popular to say it - the very real progress that has been achieved by some of Castro's policies (albeit at great cost to Cubans) will be reversed.

Read about the new crackdown on Cuban dissidents, then sign the Statement Protesting Repression in Cuba:
Democratic change in Cuba needs to be achieved by the Cuban people themselves. The Cuban government's violations of democratic rights do not justify sanctions or any other form of intervention by the United States in Cuba.


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