Monday, July 31, 2006

Eddie's batting 0 for 6000 so far

Eddie! Hey Eddie! Eddie Jordan!

Am I talkin' to you? Yeah I'm talkin' to you!

Instead of wasting your friggin' time trying to cover yer ass on Chuck F.Y.F.F. Foti's hyped-up, election-bid incriminations against the heroism of Dr. Anna Pou and two nurses, why don't you poll the public to find out what they think about the release of indigent defendants because your office can't get them to trial.

Criminal District Court Judge Arthur Hunter:

"After 11 months of waiting, 11 months of meetings, 11 months of idle talk, 11 months without a sensible recovery plan and 11 months of tolerating those who have the authority to solve, correct and fix the problem but either refuse, fail or are just inept, then necessary action must be taken to protect the constitutional rights of people." ...

With 6,000 cases looming, it is time for District Attorney Eddie Jordan to start "the process of determining which cases can be prosecuted."

Or maybe we should shut off the A/C to the D.A.'s office and let temperatures soar over 100 degrees like it was inside Memorial Medical Center until you get through your caseload. Think that might re-align your priorities?

By the way Eddie, I think you still owe the taxpayers $3.58 million.

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