Monday, July 31, 2006

Iraq occupation now exceeds $300 billion

The cost of the war in Iraq and the ongoing occupation has now surpassed $300 billion (nominally). The cost to New Orleans taxpayers is now well over $248 million. That cost is actually likely to soar to more than ten times the nominal estimate before it's all said and done when one considers:

  • Equipment maintenance and replacement costs that are being delayed by the Bush administration to make it seem like the money spigot isn't opened up as wide as it is.

  • Lifetime veterans benefits as we care for the nearly 19,000 (documented) wounded soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of other veterans entitled to their benefits. To date, 18,988 American soldiers have been wounded in Iraq.

  • There's absolutely no end in sight. Bushco screwed things up so badly that his profiteering friends will be able to milk taxpayers for the botched occupation long after he gets put out to pasture in Crawford.

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