Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Restore law and order

A state House bill would require truckers to secure their loads so loose nails don't fall off into roadways.

Great! That was me changing a tire on Claiborne Avenue yesterday, just after I came off of the Crescent City Connection bridge -- my fifth or sixth flat tire since the storm.

Damn those roofers!

Now, if we could get those contractors to secure their loads. I know someone's going to have an accident one of these days when debris comes flying off of a trailer.

If only we had traffic enforcement to catch these guys. Oh! There's another reason why we need the National Guard back here.

Plus, more heinous murders and a police chief who says there's nothing to worry about is making me wonder if I'm not a fool for thinking optimistically about New Orleans' future?

Maybe we need someone in charge who thinks one murder is one too many!


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